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Using Meditation For Weight Loss

Are you looking for meditation for weight loss? Have you heard that meditation can help you lose weight naturally? Meditation is a natural and simple method to shed unwanted pounds without giving up your favorite foods or your desired lifestyle. It works primarily by negatively wiring the areas of your brain that lead you to overeat.


When you meditate for mindful eating, it alters your thoughts and behaviors around food for the rest of your life. It replaces those cravings with feelings of well-being, self-esteem and peace of mind. By changing the way your brain thinks and acts around food, you will shift your relationship with food permanently. This type of change has profound effects on your long-term health. It helps you stop overeating and enjoy better health all the way around.

Meditation for weight loss consists of three steps: guided meditations, proper diet and exercise and regular exercise. Guided meditations are simply what they sound like – you play a specially recorded meditation and listen to it. There are many types of guided meditations, from those you can play yourself from a CD, to audio programs like those used by Bob Proctor in his famous Zen meditation series or recordings from certified meditation teachers. You can find guided meditations from reputable meditation teachers online as well.

Guided mindfulness meditation is useful because it addresses the problem of how eating habits affect the way you feel about yourself. In a healthy mind, your body responds to what it experiences as an essential need. If you’re not mindful of what you put into your mouth or how much of certain foods you eat, you may experience cravings for foods that are out of season or unhealthy. A good mindfulness meditation will help you change your eating habits so that you’re not constantly craving unhealthy foods or thinking about or eating unhealthy foods when you shouldn’t be.

Another effective method for changing eating habits for weight loss is to make short-term goals. Set yourself some short-term, manageable goals. For example, if you want to lose ten pounds in two weeks, set up a date to do it. If you want to eat only broccoli for dinner instead of pork chops for lunch, choose a time in the week when you know that your stomach doesn’t tolerate much pork anyway. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your weight, set up short-term goals that are manageable, but challenging at the same time.

A third common method for meditation for weight loss is to focus on the present moment instead of on past or future events. This is similar to yoga in that both involve an emphasis on quieting the mind. However, yoga is more directly connected to meditation, which uses a variety of breathing and mental practices to focus on the moment. When practicing yoga, for example, you focus on each movement made. You focus on feeling every part of your body as you make it. While meditation does the same thing, with an emphasis on the breath.

A fourth way to use meditation for weight loss is to practice mindfulness during eating habits. Simply noticing what you’re eating and how it affects you is one of the best ways to control overeating. Some people call this mindful eating. Others think of it as watching food as if they were a video game – focusing on the visuals, rather than the taste. Regardless, of how you choose to think of it, simply watching your food will help you control your urges to overeat.

Pranayama, or yogic breathing exercises, are also popular in other forms of yogic meditation. They work to strengthen the lungs and strengthen the heart and have been used for centuries to help patients deal with conditions like asthma and high blood pressure. The best way to use pranayama for weight loss is to find a teacher and a CD that have a slow, meditative pace, and do the exercises at home.


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