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Meditation For Weight Loss – How Guided Meditation Can Help Us Lose Weight

If you have not thought about it, perhaps you ought to. Meditation for weight loss is a truly effective and healthful method to shed unwanted pounds. According to this company, a daily meditation practice can awaken good qualities in you that may become your power of will. This is surely a comforting thought, especially when you find yourself shedding unwanted pounds after a tough period of time.

If you are really determined, a journey with this mind trainer may lead you to great weight loss. Meditation for weight loss is a journey where you are guided by a personage who has mastered the art of meditation. The personage gives you instructions through five simple steps, and with consistent application, you will be able to use these instructions to bring inner peace, calm your emotions, improve your breathing and digestion, increase your energy, and cleanse your body of toxins. A reputed meditator can facilitate this process using simple yet soothing words that are meant to relax the mind as well as the emotions.

Breathing exercises and guided imagery (mindfulness) are the pillars of meditation for weight loss. You are expected to perform these exercises while sitting or standing position. For the first step, you are required to place your hand on your abdomen and inhale gradually, at the same time touching your left leg lightly behind you. You are to focus only on the abdomen and keep your eyes fix on your left leg. Inhale gently until you notice that you have reached the count of eight.

You next step is to go on to exercise the same way you did before. But this time, you are not to breathe as you did for the first step, but instead to think of something pleasant. The absence of breathing allows you to experience full control over your emotions; therefore, emotional stress is also allowed to build up, thereby curbing your appetite. Your conscious mind is also told to ignore the thoughts of overeating and instead redirect it to the mindful eating process.

Meditation for weight loss is more of an attunement process rather than a strict diet regime. It does not require you to avoid sweets or to deprive yourself of all food types. However, you are required to keep your eating habits under check by performing mindful eating and other affirmations repeatedly. As you progress, you can learn to replace your mindless eating with more rational and healthy habits. Meditators often prefer repeating certain affirmations, such as ”I am getting healthier and slimmer”, over other alternatives. Such repeated statements instill confidence and motivate you to carry out your new healthy behaviors.

To further increase your chances of achieving good results in your weight loss efforts, you are advised to combine physical and mental workouts. A daily workout routine such as walking or jogging can help in releasing a lot of stress. By relieving stress, your body is better able to burn energy effectively. This energy should then be turned into useful physical calories to be used for additional weight loss. By combining your mental and physical workout, you become a well-balanced and efficient human being, thus making it easier for you to avoid unhealthy eating habits.

Meditations for weight loss are not just beneficial for those who want to lose weight. They can also help you improve your overall health. Guided meditations to help you get a better night’s sleep. They also enhance your concentration levels so that you can function better during the day. This means that you can tackle your day with more ease and can accomplish whatever you set out to do.

Meditation for weight loss will help us lose weight if we can control our emotions and eating habits properly. It will also help us stay mentally and emotionally fit. Our digestive systems will benefit from guided meditations. And we can all breathe easier when we are eating in a peaceful and healthy place.


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