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Meditation for Weight Loss

Meditation for weight loss is a common topic on many health and fitness blogs and articles. It’s important to use the proper techniques for weight loss, since some techniques make you gain weight, while other methods make you drop pounds. For starters, let’s look at what meditation really is. Basically, meditation is an emotional exercise where focus solely on one or a few aspects of the moment (like focusing on the breath) to eliminate negativity. The point is not to be totally absorbed in the experience, but rather to clear your mind so that it can achieve a state of clarity.


This brings me to one of my favorite aspects about meditating. That is, when you’re doing it, you have to be extremely conscious of what you’re doing! It’s like an athlete training. In order to run fast, you need to train your body – to change its fiber, to increase muscle mass, and to improve cardiovascular efficiency. When you do your meditation practice, your mind needs to be completely focused. If you stop focusing on what you’re doing, you’ll usually go back to whatever it was you were focusing your attention on.

However, that focus needs to be maintained. Otherwise, you may revert to your old habits. So, how can meditation help with overeating? Well, I believe that through meditation, we are able to better control our emotions and impulses – especially those negative ones that lead us to overeat. Therefore, meditation helps reduce those cravings by giving us a clearer view of our emotions.

Another way meditation helps control our eating habits is by reducing stress. This is related to the previous point I made above. Stress is often the culprit that triggers us to eat in inappropriate ways. However, if we can learn to manage our stress well, it reduces or eliminates our cravings for food as well. So, we are able to maintain a healthy diet, while at the same time reducing stress at the same time.

Meditation for weight loss might seem too easy to achieve, but it is in fact a very challenging thing to do. It requires a lot of focus and discipline. However, once you achieve your goal of losing some weight, you’ll realize that the effort was worth it. You will have improved self-esteem due to the new healthy habits you’ve developed.

Different types of meditations are available for use for meditation for weight loss purposes. Guided meditations are probably the most common types of meditation you’ll find. They usually require that you ask someone else to help you. A guided meditation is ideal for those who want to eat healthier or lose some weight. However, they are best used for those who are new to meditations. It is not easy to master guided meditations, so you need to be patient and follow the guidelines.

Pranayama or slow breathing exercises are also useful for weight loss. Pranayama involves controlled breathing through the nose and mouth. This is effective because controlled breathing enables you to lower your metabolic rate which results in burning more calories. Guided meditations involve inhaling and exhaling through your nose and mouth. This requires that you use mindfulness, which is a key component for controlling and achieving good health.

There are a number of other benefits of meditation for weight loss. Meditation helps you to focus on positive things, which reduces stress and anxiety. Meditation helps you get rid of your cravings for food, which in turn helps to reduce your intake of calories. Meditation also helps you control your emotions and thereby, control your overeating tendencies. So, start meditating for weight loss today!


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