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Meditation Techniques – Useful For Weight Loss

Meditation for weight loss is becoming a popular option for many people. As society continues to turn towards fitness, we are seeing more people trying to find creative ways to get fit without having to commit to an exercise regime. As well as dieting and exercise regimes, meditation is also being used in conjunction with other weight loss programs to help achieve a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition. The Benefits of Meditation For Weight Loss explored here can be practiced by anyone, regardless of how serious or casual their workout routine is.


Meditation for weight loss involves controlling breathing. The method of practicing this involves focusing on a mantra (an ancient Indian word) to focus your mind. The mantra can be anything – to reduce stress, to relax, to focus on something bright and clean (your mind and body will feel refreshed), to count for something (one to eight counts). However, whatever you focus on, try to stay with it all the time. Count from one to eight as you breathe – eight counts to start, then five counts while you exhale, three counts while you inhale and two counts when you release. Repeat the cycle until your mind and body are fully comforted and calm.

Visualization is another element to meditation that helps you in achieving your meditative goals. Achieving visualization is not easy. It requires concentration and attention – and you can’t do this if you’re tensed or stressed out. However, a quiet place where you can visualize without distracting background noise such as the television or radio can be helpful.

Meditation for weight loss can also involve mindful eating. This type of mindful eating involves consciously choosing food that you think you can consume to help you attain your goals. This can be compared to the psychological principles of ”the less you want, the more you get” and other similar psychological truths. You have to learn to be mindful of what you eat.

Another element is to practice proper breathing techniques. Proper breathing techniques can relieve stress and help you develop a relaxed body and mind. Breathing techniques come in two types: conscious and unconscious breathing. Some people are more naturally relaxed with the conscious breathing technique, while others need to practice more with the unconscious breathing technique.

Pranayama or ”breathing exercises” have also been used by different adepts of yoga to control obesity. This is where you perform specialized breathing exercises to regulate the metabolic rate. The purpose of pranayama or ”breathing exercises” is to strengthen the gastro-intestinal and respiratory systems of the human body and to strengthen the immune system to prevent illness. It has been proven to reduce stress, fight depression, improve memory and improve the metabolic rate in the process. However, pranayama can also control weight loss in the same way as yoga does.

Besides all these advantages of meditation, one of the most important benefits is controlling stress. Stress is known to be one of the main factors that hinder weight loss and cause several other health problems like high blood pressure, insomnia, high cholesterol, hypertension, anxiety and depression. However, meditation works wonders in reducing stress and its adverse effects. Stress not only makes you feel tired and sluggish but it can also trigger various other complications. In fact, if stress persists for a long time, it can cause various physical disorders like ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, heartburn, etc.

Moreover, meditation techniques also help in reducing your appetite and cravings. You may not be able to say no to your favorite chocolate or ice cream, but when you do meditation practices regularly, you tend to control your cravings. This in turn helps you stick to your weight loss plan. Meditation also helps you to improve the quality and intensity of your sleep. It reduces the chances of you snoring, which is one of the main causes of insomnia.


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