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3 Healthy Beverages To Make Yourself

Cinnamon and apple cider drink are among the most popular homemade drinks to lose belly fat among people trying to change their body shape. It’s rich in potassium, amino acids and vitamins. According to a recent study, researchers tested the impact of cinnamon on overweight adults. They had a treadmill run with a stopwatch at regular intervals and asked them to take a regular dosage of cinnamon three times daily for a week. One group had a lower weight loss at the end of the seven-day trial than the other two groups. The research concluded that cinnamon can help in burning fat because it has diuretic effects.

Although many commercial products and health gurus promote the use of different ingredients to burn belly fat, nothing beats the use of natural homemade remedies. The ingredients in apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and ginger drink can be easily found and bought at your local health store or even supermarket. When you make these drinks at home, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to reap its benefits. However, before you start experimenting on these recipes, learn how to make them correctly so that you won’t waste time and effort in brewing, boiling and straining.

* Apple Cider Vinegar – This drink is a potent combination of apple cider and vinegar. When mixed, it produces a good amount of acid which dissolves excess fats and calories in our bodies. It’s also great for detoxifying the liver and cleansing the digestive system. As a natural treatment for bad cholesterol, it boosts metabolism and reduces inflammation. Research studies have shown that cinnamon has a diuretic effect, which means it helps in reducing the bad cholesterol levels. Since it also contains amino acids and vitamin C, it also aids in burning bad cholesterol and prevents cell damage as well.

* Juices Fruits and Vegetables – Juicing are a good way to get all the nutrients needed for good health. However, you must be careful to avoid fruits loaded with fructose because these will only lead to weight gain instead of removing the toxins. Always remember to use fresh fruits and vegetables to minimize the chances of bad things to happen to your body. It’s best to make a blend of fruits and vegetable using fresh produce. However, fruits and vegetables are high in calories, so it’s best to use detox water to minimize the number of calories that you’ll take in.

* Green Tea – Studies have shown that tea extract can reduce the absorption of toxins and fat in the digestive tract. It may also help in increasing your energy level and delaying fatigue. However, you must consume this tea with caution because too much tea can be bad for your health. If possible, choose decaffeinated varieties so you can enjoy its health benefits without worrying about the side effects. Also, while drinking tea, try to steer away from regular sugars and artificial sweeteners because these ingredients can increase weight gain and toxins absorption. This is why you should start taking green tea in the morning rather than other forms of tea.

* Diet Drinks To Lose Belly Fat – Diet soft drinks such as diet Mountain or Lean Green are popular nowadays because they promise to give the wearer a slim and trim figure in no time. These drinks do contain natural ingredients but it’s up to you to decipher if these ingredients are healthy or not. Always keep in mind that you don’t want chemicals to invade your body because these chemicals can affect your insulin levels and other vital organs. Aside from these, diet soft drinks can only provide temporary solutions when you want to lose pounds. To attain permanent weight loss, you need to exercise regularly and eat less food.

* Herbal Toner And Peppermint Tea – Add a squeeze of lemon water to your tea can be a good way to speed up your metabolism rate. Lemon helps flush out toxins while mint provides extra flavor to the drink. Both of these ingredients also help in speeding up your fat burning process. Although lemon water does boost your energy, peppermint makes your breath smell better. This type of drinks can help you achieve better sleep so you can feel refreshed during the day.

These are just three of the healthy beverages you can make yourself so you won’t have to go without any of these drinks when you are trying to lose weight. If you want, you can even make some drinks of your own to complement these three recipes. Aside from using these homemade drinks to lose belly fat, you can also add more healthy weight loss ingredients to your diet. You can incorporate foods that are high in fiber to help you speed up your digestive system. You can also try eating more fruits and vegetables so you can get enough nutrients and vitamins to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


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