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Four Healthy Drinks To Use To Lose Weight

Cinnamon and apple cider drink are among the most widely utilized homemade drinks to shed unwanted belly fat. It’s high in potassium, malic acid and organic compounds. These ingredients make it a very efficient drink to shed belly fat. The natural compounds help you burn off calories from your body. This is also a very effective drink to boost metabolism.


Apple cider vinegar and cinnamon beverage are made with apple cider vinegar and cinnamon. This beverage can be taken prior going to bed. It helps to enhance your sleep and digestion and prevents you from being hungry through the night. Cinnamon on the other hand, has been used as a natural aid to treat obesity.

One recipe for this beverage uses lemon, honey and Cayenne pepper. It’s made by taking one teaspoonful of honey, one teaspoonful of lemon juice and one teaspoonful of freshly squeezed apple cider vinegar. You can take one to two teaspoonfuls a day but make sure that you don’t take too much as it may cause some unpleasant side effects. Take one to two teaspoonfuls of this mixture prior going to bed. It will help you feel fuller for a longer period of time which may prevent you from overeating.

Herbal tea contains ingredients that help in burning your belly fats. Some common ingredients found in tea are mint, Cayenne pepper, green tea, ginger, rose hips and even lavender. To consume anything, you have to take in the recommended dose. The recommended dose of herbal tea is four to five grams per day, so you need to consume these ingredients accordingly to achieve good results.

Another homemade drink that can help you shed your belly fat is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has ingredients that help in cleansing your digestive system. It contains acetic acid that helps in breaking down fats in your body. If you consume apple cider vinegar in the form of a concentrated beverage, you will notice an immediate effect as it gets rid of toxins in your body.

If you like eating fresh fruits but are a bit shy of drinking them because they taste so bitter, all you need to do is add a few teaspoons of cinnamon to your favorite smoothie. Cinnamon helps to mask the bitter taste of certain fruits. To get the desired effect, all you need to do is add a teaspoon of cinnamon to your preferred smoothie. If you drink an entire big pitcher of this mixture, you will notice that within a short span of time, your belly fat has been reduced to almost nothing.

Water is an excellent source of hydration and it helps in eliminating toxins from your body. Consuming a glass of water before every meal can help in reducing belly fat by around 10%. All you need to do is reduce the number of calories you eat because too many calories will lead to accumulation of toxins.

A diet rich in antioxidants is another way of reducing abdominal fat. Antioxidants help in removing free radicals from your body. The best antioxidants to consume are berries and green leafy vegetables. This is because these contain a lot of fibers. The fibers found in these vegetables and fruits help in eliminating bad cholesterol, while the antioxidants found in berries and green leafy vegetables help in preventing the absorption of cholesterol from food and in getting rid of LDL cholesterol.

Drinking green tea also helps in increasing metabolism and in lowering the appetite. An antioxidant found in green tea called EGCG boosts metabolism and in lowering the appetite. Appetite is a state of high energy levels, which is due to the intake of a good amount of nutrients from the food we eat. When the energy levels are low, the appetite increases and this is the reason for an increase in calorie consumption. Green tea contains a good amount of antioxidants which are necessary for boosting the metabolic rate in order to burn excess calories.

Cinnamon tea is yet another great choice to use to reduce belly fat. Cinnamon helps in decreasing appetite and it also reduces the amount of ghrelin, which is responsible for hunger. Most people have a misconception that the presence of cinnamon in anything automatically makes it bad for health. While it is true that cinnamon can aggravate asthma and heart diseases, it does not make it harmful to your health. So make sure you have a cup of warm cinnamon tea after your morning jog to keep yourself motivated and fresh.

The lemon juice and the milk which are present in the blended coffee make it healthier than most of the beverages that are consumed in the office or at home. Lemon juice and milk can help you lose weight because they contain a high amount of water. Water is very essential for flushing out the toxins and impurities from the body. If there is an accumulation of toxins in the body, it can result in different illnesses which can ultimately lead to obesity. Thus drinking the lemonade syrup with a cup of coffee or tea is a healthy way of losing weight and keeping fit.


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